Nursing Communication Engagement Programs


No two hospitals will take the same journey to achieve Magnet® or Pathway® recognition.  The journey is defined by your unique organization’s culture. One of the challenges leaders face is how to engage, educate, and prepare staff nurses to talk about their nursing organization and practice.


Magnet® & Pathway Education Pocket Guides  

We develop nursing Magnet® education pocket guides and staff Magnet® education cards that are custom to your hospital’s document information.


Pocket guides and cards are developed as a reference tool for effective learning and provide useful talking points for talking with Magnet® Appraiser.  Pocket guides are an excellent source for referencing the hospital’s professional practice model, care delivery system, or Magnet® stories of excellence. Guides can be used during an ANCC site visit and include a crosswalk of stories and questions to use as a guide to preparing the staff when speaking to appraisers.


Magnet® & Pathway Unit Communication Board & Content Program

Communicate your Magnet® Message and Quality Data in Every Nursing Unit.


Magnet® Communication Boards are a great way to post and provide key Magnet® need-to-know information by Magnet® Model Component to unit nurses. TCD can develop a monthly or quarterly communication program to keep Magnet® information and key quality indicator information top of mind to unit nurses. We can design the boards to follow your hospital’s Magnet® theme or marketing guidelines.


Magnet Mania Scratch Off® Promotion

Magnet Mania Scratch-Off®  is an educational promotional incentive program developed for nursing organizations to prepare for their Magnet® site visit. Through education, activities, and games the promotion is design to:


  • Increases Magnet® Hospital Awareness
  • Assist Nurses and Magnet® Program Directors in facilitating Magnet® Education
  • Engage and educate through Magnet® activity participation
  • Allows hospital nurses and staff to have fun while learning about key Magnet®stories and information.

We customize our Magnet Mania Scratch-Off® Promotion to your hospital’s Magnet® theme, including posters, banners, instructions sheets, promotional fliers, and themed scratch-off tickets.

Magnet Mania Scratch-Off® Package Includes:

  • Program Coordinator Manual Online Download
  • Program Administration Instruction Sheets
  • Two Custom Magnet® Learning Games / Activities with instructions guides based on your Magnet® document and nursing and hospital information.
  • One 4 x 8 Promotional Banner
  • 11 x 17  Announcement Poster Template including layout and design for promoting on nursing units.
  • 5000 – Custom Printed Scratch-Off Tickets  – larger quantities available
  • Five hours of program assistance and program implementation consulting time.


Below Are Examples of Hosptial Wide Nursing Engagement Programs and Activities.